10 Dainty Everyday Necklaces You Should Have

Necklaces are one of the daily wear jewelry. The everyday necklace is mostly made of metal, there are also some necklaces made from shells, pearls, gems or some plastic products such as acrylics. Choosing a delicate necklace to wear will enhance the owner's temperament, a dainty necklace also could highlight the outfits. For women, wearing a clavicle chain choker or pendant necklace is more feminine, it makes women more charming.

Compare to earrings and rings, necklaces should be the most frequently used jewelry. The best idea for buying frequently used necklace is that instead of buying a lot of designer fancy necklaces that are not cheap, it is better to pay for some classic and dainty necklaces which will not be outdated. Shop some of our favorites necklaces points below.


1. Minimalist Dot Necklace

Tiny essential dot necklace is great for everyday wear, the dot pendant not too big or too small, just the right size and will not catch much attention, but it could match well with most outfits.


2. Dainty Cubic Zirconia Necklace

Classic solitaire necklace never a bad choice. The 5mm CZ diamond solitaire necklace, selected 5A grade (8 hearts & 8 arrows) cubic zirconia, D color, VVS Clarity. You can wear it alone as a simple dainty necklace or layered necklace and match it with other choker necklaces.


3. Star Signet Coin Necklace

Coin necklace always the key part for the layered necklace look, perfect for being worn solo or pairing with daintier chains, the coin necklace trend is that you can easily try out. If you are afraid to get lost, let this star signet coin pendant necklace bring you to bright!


4. Crescent Moon Necklace

Crescent moon, bring you the new hope new wishes, everything will go well!

Minimalist moon necklace seemingly simple, in fact, the more simple thing is the hard workmanship more! especially the basic high shine sterling silver jewelry to polish as a mirror, each of necklace will be quality inspect strictly.


5. Cubic Zirconia Cat Face Necklace

I guess no one doesn’t love cute cat necklace! This shining cat pendant necklace with sparkly cubic zirconia, cute and attractive! This cat necklace is the best gift for cat lovers, also for any girls or women! If you don't want to leave your cat, let the cat necklace temporarily replaced of your sweet cat around you every moment!


6. Mother of Pearl Heart Pendant Necklace

Heart pendant necklace always popular, this heart necklace made of mother of pearl, it makes the dainty necklace more elegant and pretty. Each one is unique in the world! High-quality mother of pearl, only 5% selected from S.Leaf which is clear and have great luster.


7. Rose Branch Necklace Vintage French Style Jewelry

A rose that won't wilt. The classic vintage rose branch pendant necklace was designed to reflect the captivating beauty of beautiful roses. With its flawless design, it could match different style of outfit. This necklace piece is a perfect everyday necklace for women.


8. Swarovski Crystals Double Heart Necklace

Double hearts necklace symbolizes never-ending love or friendships. The sterling silver dainty necklace interlocking 2 love hearts, expresses the special bond between family, couples, and friends, to show them you are always connected to her/him just like these interlocking heart.


9. Halo Pearl Necklace

Dainty pearl necklace is perfect jewelry for everyday wear. Each one is unique in the world and with great luster! High-quality, 5A freshwater cultured pearl, only 5% could be selected by Sleaf which is clear and have amazing luster. Excellent quality smooth micro-pave shaping makes it lively and singular.


10. Tassel Leaf Choker Necklace

Chokers are simple but essential. The minimalist choker features wheatear shape pendant, chic and cute, suitable for layering with any necklace and could match with any outfit.


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